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Tuesday 17 May 2016

BELLADONNA 9 CH-Maree Haute-(BD-France-1993)

A great duo formed by Michele Coudiou and Agnes Royon Lemee playing a strange music mixing  nice folk/cumbia,electro-pop,country,and new wave reminding me some music for the cabaret and  theatres soundtracks.
Very original and at the same time very catchy their tunes are just wonderful.This tape is old but they are still alive and kicking,you can read more on their actual webpage and this is their youtube channel where you can see their colourful performances.
Enjoy it.
A great act from Marseille.
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  1. These Ladies from Belladonna 9CH are awesome! Thier music is something that contains a great sense of taste and glamour in it's best form and it's something incridable that someone could name a "philosophic trash", but in reality it's a beautiful and clever music.