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Sunday 24 April 2016

CELLULOID MATA-Fancy Binaries-(Noise Museum-France-1997)

Another astonishing release by Celluloid Mata,this is a French project of Matthieu Maire who, after his first independent release, signed to the French label Noise Museum. Mata produces (or used to produce) heavy ambient, dynamited by rhythmic crashing pieces of noise. The compositions seem to have a natural electronic body, which gets this impression of "quiet force." Wider, the range of sonorities gears down the impact of these dangerous techno-tronic oscillations, and dark breakbeats appear to go hand in hand with a perfect cohesion of sound. After six years and several releases on different labels, Maire decided to cancel all activities that were executed under the Celluloid Mata moniker. With Philipp Münch (Synapscape, Ars Moriendi) he now produces as Cell Auto Mata.
Noise Museum is a defunct French experimental/industrial/ambient label run by Yann Farcy (L'Invitation Au Suicide).
The first three releases were issued under the White Noise (2) name.
It later became Alice In Wonder.  
Great tracks mixing IDM,Rhythmic noise and distorted angular electronics.
Enjoy it.
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