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Thursday 10 March 2016

v.a.-FORNITURE FUN-(Dhyana Records-Germany-1996)

Coming glued inside a CD-sized, 12 page booklet this amazing cassette released by the mighty german Dhyana Records
offers us a great selection of artists playing dronish,ambient noise,abstract and rhythmic industrial tracks.
Very good recordings and a very well done package with  nice graphix and useful info makes this compilation a little precious jewel.
This label is still active and you can check the lastest news on their webpage here.
I am going to attach its playlist.
Enjoy it. 

^f*a~r*a^w~a*y ¬
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A1 2000-the-GmbH & Mr. Moto (2) Hypnose
A2 Ajuuca A Green Leafy Substance Drifting In An Ocean Of Blue Liquid
A3 Girnų Giesmės Šamas Auksakalys
A4 Ma Cherie For Painting Eurosports (Equitation)
A5 Tarkatak Paraply
A6 End Of Silence Hardware Handshake Part 1
A7 Fabrik Blinker
B1 Oh! Laika
B2 Te Ild Hintergrund
B3 Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim Sculms
B4 Raumerkundung Flug 2,5
B5 Anemone Tube Ti Fang - Desertification
B6 Killout Trash Stiring

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