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Monday 1 September 2014

TELEPHERIQUE-Alltag-(c60-Red Neon Tapes-Belgium-1991)

The project Telepherique began in 1989 with the intention to explore processes and working with people of different cultures. They started with mail-art projects, co-operations, and communication with people all over the world. Basically, Telepherique is Klaus, Danijela, and Rene Jochim, from Würzburg, Germany, but there were others that became members of Telepherique, because of the massive collaborations and projects: Ulf Harr, Echart Seilacher, Harry Lüftl, Stefan Au, Stefan Alt and Karin... The name Telepherique is the French word for the funicular railway. This name was chosen because of the intention of gaining a view from a higher level. 
(info from Discogs)
The label is Red Neon Tapes which is been covered in this blog many times,enjoy it. 
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