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Monday 7 April 2014

THE DECAY - Anarchy - (Resistance Productions - Switzerland -1984)

Another tape released by Resistance Productions ...The Decay  is an old punk band from Switzerland and I gonna attach here some info taken from the cover sleeve of this tape.I guess this is very rare now.
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p.s.-info found on  discogs webpage on 04-06-2014:
"The Decay was formed in summer of 1983.Founding members were Insane Johnny,David Watergun,Black Devil(later on changed to Rotten Love)and Tony,how else could it be,during a break at work!It wasn't until early 1984 we managed to get all the equipment to have a first practise.That took place in a cellar of a small chapel at the Institut Montana where our drummer went to school.Being total zeros at our respective instruments we were blown away by our first recording.We booked studio time in the Vibrasound Studio,in Sheffield,England.On our way there we lost our drummer and the bassist,yet still made it to record 13 songs with the help of the engineer and a friend of him.A second demo followed shortly afterwards,this time we stayed home and recorded in Switzerland.Different line-up again and even more chaotic 12 songs were recorded.More line up changes followed and in January'85 we recorded our one and only 7''.Of course we lost our bassist on the way to the studio,so the songs we rehearsed turned out more chaotic with me playing bass for the first time in the studio.Another studio time was booked yet with another line up,but that last demo turned out pretty good so we decided to continue as The Brains Of Humans.The Decay played two chaotic gigs only one in a youth centre with no punx in the crowd,and one in a squat in Bern.
The Decay's demo for the EP has been re-released in Canada a few years ago on Capitalicide,and the EP itself was released with its original mix in 2012 for the first time.¨
Since the band never really split up a follow up is possible to happen,as long as it features one of the original(1983-1985)band members.
Insane Johnny aka Pablo (1.April 2013-and this is not a joke)"


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