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Friday 14 February 2014

v.a.-PUNK IS ONE ALTERNATIVE(-c90-1992)+ v.a-PUNK IS...NON MACHO DANCING!(c90-July 1992)+v.a-PUNK IS...NOT A FASHION(c60-March 1993)-RESISTANCE PRODUCTIONS-Switzerland

Resistance Productions was a small totally diy and anarchist label based in Zurich first and then relocated to Biel (Switzerland).
It was managed by Fts,Pablo and Laura.They were active from the end of 80s since 94-95.
In their brief  but intense life they  self-released  lots of fanzines(No Sanctuary,Massive Love and more) leaflets and  tapes,mostly compilations + booklets.
Here  I am posting 3 of these compilations with the subject : "Punk is..."
In the one called "Punk is One Alternative" there are Pus,Toxic Narcotics,Infezione,In Anger,Deaf Aid,Blurred Vision,Victor`s Hoffnarren,Embittered,Morgue and more.
"Punk  Is Not Macho Dancing" offers us Earth Citizens,Forca Macabra,Rat Patrol,Alians ,Dawson, War system,Shock Treatment,Blurred Vision,Contempt,Scum,Selfish,Filthy Charity,Agent 86 + more.
"Punk is Not a Fashion"  contains Dread Messiah,Inkisicao,Natch and Nabel,Terminus,Vex, Flagrants D`Eli,Engrained,Chronic Core,Tbs...
All  those compilations were coming out with a small and nice booklet talking about their ideas about the title/subject of the  compilation and then every band had its own page where publishing lyrics,addresses and ideas/graphix..
About the music,well the titles say it all:those are diy punk tapes,you`ll find here a wide range of punk styles:HC punk,crust,grind,oi ...
The recordings have different qualities depending on the band and the  circumstances.Some are very good,some are very bad but  the creators of those compilations  didn`t care much-their aim was to spread  alternative ideas and counter-information.
All the booklets of those compilations are inluded in the folders with the tapes,so you can read more and  get a better idea.
Punk is...too many things together :)
Enjoy it...


punk is one alternative
punk is not macho dancing
punk is not a fashion 

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