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Tuesday 11 February 2014

SIEGMAR FRICKE/RECTAL RECITAL-Split Tape-(Cat Killer-Germany-100-199?)

Split tape on the german label Cat Killer managed by Carsten Vollmer.Not sure which year this came out.
Siegmar Fricke on side A.This is a very famous artist of the underground electronic experimental scene of the 80 and 90s and he`s been covered by many internet pages so far!He is been involved with lots of bands and he released a large amount of tapes and cds also on his own.I know he`s still active.
I have no info instead about Rectal Recital.Sorry!!!
The tunes crafted on this tape are pure experimental electronic music.
As far as I remember Carsten used to print 93 copies of each Cat Killer production,therefore I guess this tape is not around since quite a long time.
Enjoy it /:*}


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