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Wednesday 14 February 2024

RAKSHA MANCHAM - Ghazels - (Musica Maxima Magnetica-Italy-1994)

 This Belgian group's music is strongly derived from the music of indigenous peoples worldwide, and is played on native instruments from Tibet, Egypt, Brazil, Morocco, Mali, Nepal and the Cameroon, along with many other acoustic percussion, wind and string instruments.(from Discogs)

The titles "Ghazels" (also "Ghazal" or "Ghzali") refers to beautiful girls" ("beauties") as well as lyrical poems, love poems or love chants and comes from the great Persian lyrical poet Shemseddin Hafiz who described his "ghazels" in such a way : "At the hour of parting, by going away from you, my eyes came emplty of light by dint of weeping".(from their official webpageclick me


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