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Saturday 31 July 2021

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM - Live At Maschinenfest 2018 - (Raubbau-Germany-2018)

 Raubbau picks up the thread and continues with its quest to make available memorable maschinenfest performances. contagious orgasm was a mf regular, and this perfectly shows the progression from the 2008 performance made available last year: gone are the idm leanings, the co sound of the 2010s (which is presented here) is even more a language of its own, abrasive and accessible, palpable and psychedelic at the same time.

get ready for some active listening - “afterglow” and “operation blue” are like a walk over thin ice, with acoustic strings and percussions, intimate melodies, whispered vocals and eerie washes of background feedback. the two parts of “exploration end seeking” are examples of co’s experimental leanings and an appreciation of the musique concrete. “mineral” and “firewalker” sport almost-rhythms and through a psyched-out, spooky back-alley take the performance to its noisy finale. It goes without saying that the sound quality is flawless, representing all the fine details of the truly unique co sound.
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afterglow 10:18




mineral 05:58

firewalker 06:31

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