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Wednesday 17 February 2021

Flippin Idiots-American Wreck Vol​.​1-(Self Released-Bandcamp-USA-2021)


My 2020 project took longer than I thought, due to many changes in our lives that year. Four takes on points of my year in audio form, this release was a labor of love, fear, depression, and hope for this world and all it's inhabitants. Thanks for joining my journey and my continued Noise pursuits. Be safe, check on each other, and remeber to breathe.
 Flippin Idiots is the noise project of Chris Coker based in Sylva NC, USA. I have releases here and on Smell The Stench,Orko Records, Eerie Noise, and many others. Love any and all noise artists but my biggest influence is Thirteen Fingers. Other influences Merzbow.Navicon Torture Technlogies,Prurient,Clang Quartet,Hivemind,Wilt,Flat Effect, Like Weeds, Boar, and many others

Released February 16, 2021 click me

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