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Sunday 13 December 2020

UNSONG ‎– The Frailty Of Angels, The Treason Of People -(Macrophonies Org-UK-2002)

One of the quietist starts to an album to come through my front door in quite a while. however, this first piece builds into a chaotic assemblage of disembodied voices and simple but effective electronic pulses, added to this is the sound that could be a heavily treated marimba but probably isn't. the title track on this disc is a beautiful piece of atonal electronics whose morphology has been executed exquisitely. the spatiality has to be admired, i'm listening to this on speakers but i think it would be an excellent listen through headphones. this track alone is over 20 minutes long and it never tires or seems drawn out, every minute has been utilised to the full... there's six tracks in total on this disc and none are 'fillers', each and every one of them stands out on their own merit. a very well accomplished album (particularly for a debut) and highly recommended." (from Cheeses International)click me


1 She Became A Cobweb In My Hands 4:13
2 Perfidy 6:23
3 The Frailty Of Angels / The Treason Of People 22:52
4 Zero Rapture 8:59
5 The Germ Is Divided 10:49
6 Phenakism 6:04             

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