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Tuesday 17 December 2019

v.a.-RAPTUS-(Meccano Records-Italy-1983)

A piece of history of the Italian underground punk scene raging fully alive during the early 80s.
A bunch of very unknown bands, only very few of them kept playing and made a name in this scene... yet this is a real political statement of the very first punk explosion made of revolt as a way of surviving this oppressive society.
Meccano Recs is one of the first Italian record labels, who devotes priority attention to new musical influences, resulting in the the explosion of the punk phenomenon, from 1975 onwards.
Meccano Records is a record label founded in 1979 by Giulio Tedeschi.
Well-known artists discovered by Meccano Records are Righeira, Raw Power (2), Rough (6).
In 1985 the label changes artistic setting and name to become the Toast (2)
Enjoy it.
A1 Drull (2) Tentacoli Di Potere
A2 Drull (2) Militare
A3 Uart Punk Anarchia In Italia
A4 Uart Punk Frustrazione
A5 Wrong Boys Massacro
A6 UDS (2) Ma Che Bella Società
A7 UDS (2) Basta
A8 Petrolio Italia/Italia
B1 Wops* Hateful Town
B2 Wops* Kids
B3 Last Call (2) Fall Of Italian Empire
B4 Last Call (2) Your Solution
B5 Raw Power (2) Raw Power
B6 Raw Power (2) You Are A Victim
B7 Raptus (2) The End   

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