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Saturday 29 September 2018

Партия ‎– Панк - Моя Жизнь! -(Примитив-Дистро-Belarus-2003)

This is the first demo by this band from Belarus, in this cassette they play a raw form of punk rock while in their other releases they play crust/grind. The name of the band is PartiYa and this cassette is titled "Punk Is My Life".
"PARTiYA was formed in Minsk (Belarus) in September 2000. 
We are
playing crusty punk. Now it is more and more crust with elements of
grind. At first, there were 3 guys in the band, starting the autumn
2015 there are 6 members."
Primitive distro blog has lots of info(English and Cyrillic languages) about them, please go here to read more, watch lots of videos and get the rest of their long discography as free download.
Their Bandcamp page is here and a Discogs page here
To finish this post I am attaching an old video with a song from this tape. 
A very big THANX to my friend Al-Maytatu L-Habithu for all the translations, info and links and eventually to Ben of Raising Hell zine for borrowing me this tape a long time ago.
Enjoy it.
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