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Tuesday 24 April 2018

v.a.-A Tribute To Marco Corbelli-(Ton Doigt Dans Mon Cul Netlabel-Canada-2017)

Originally released in 2008 by marcocorbellitribute.com and marcocorbellitribute.tk this is a reissue of the Canadian net-label Ton Doing Dans Mon Cul.
I have written about Marco Corbelli many times, therefore I believe He needs no introduction on this blog.This sampler offers us many great artists in the field of noise, and death industrial.
All the releases by this Canadian net-label are issued as free download, here a note from their page about this amazing compilation.
Enjoy It.
"Atrax Morgue was Italian noise musician Marco Corbelli (April 3, 1970 – May 6, 2007). Many of Atrax Morgue's early material was released on cassette, as part of the industrial/noise 'cassette underground' of the early 1990s. Often these cassettes were released on Corbelli's own Slaughter Productions label, some of which have now been reissued on CD-R. Throughout the late '90s, Atrax Morgue released numerous CDs on prominent noise labels, such as Self Abuse Records, Release, Old Europa Cafe, RRRecords, Crowd Control Activities and Ars Benevola Mater.
Corbelli committed suicide by hanging on May 6, 2007. He was 37. He had always had a vocal fondness for and interest in death."

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atrax_Morgue www.discogs.com/artist/636353-Marco-Corbelli
This tribute compilation was previously released on marcocorbellitribute.com and marcocorbellitribute.tk in January 2008. Since then, the domains under which it was released were abandoned, along with the compilation itself.

10 years later, on May 6th 2017, along with all the participants we managed to track down, we believe that this tribute should be available again.

www.facebook.com/tondoigtdansmoncul tondoigtdansmoncul.bandcamp.com
Free download. All rights reserved.
released May 6, 2017"

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