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Friday 2 December 2016

EIACULAZIONE AMUSICALE-First Tape-Work-(Unreleased-Not On Label-Untitled-Italy-1990)

This is the very first cassette by E.A. Collective.A ghost project covered many times in this blog now. Some of these recordings were done by a few friends in a couple of discharges back in 1989!! Some others were just experiments with a 4-track recorder with no ideas behind them. A non-sense creativity flow.
Nobody knows why this tape was never eventually released. Maybe it was because it was never meant to be a proper release, but just a fun experiment. Some of those songs were then used for other tape-works, or as re-works for other songs. Most were sent as contributions for compilation tapes later in the 90s.  For this musical project E.A. means Non-musical Ejaculation. 
Enjoy it.
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Track listing:
01. Nil nisi bonum
02. Finestre sulla pena - I
03. Inutile enigma
04. Abrasione
05. Tutti al macello - I
06. Automozione
07. A Piano Shred
08. Agonia
09. Vessazione vocale
10. Contorsioni
11. NRP - Nessuna Regola Prestabilita
12. Oasi del rantolare
13. Liquame
14. Esalazione mistica - I
15. Stralci di... (a)
16. Stralci di... (b)
17. Stralci di... (c)

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