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Friday 26 February 2016

THE GREY WOLVES-Legion Of Hell-(Strenght Recordings-UK-c60-198?)

The Grey Wolves are David Padbury and Trevor Ward (3). They have existed since the early 1980s when they began releasing a number of tapes via their label Anal Probe, which later split into Artaman and Zeal SS; the latter changed its name quite often and is nowadays Open Wound. In 1992 they were contacted by Tesco Organisation and recorded their first LP. Their art is definied as "A Manifestation of the Cultural Terrorism Network", and their packages and visuals are collages of disturbing and provocative images, photos and symbols. The Grey Wolves play heavy industrial noise with a genuine punk attitude, being irreverent and nasty, but never lacking self-awareness and irony. 
   Strenght Recording was a small english label based in Amesbury and focused on noise and industrial acts,my copy was distributed in Italy by the mighty Ministry of Ultramarine Theatres.
Enjoy it.


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