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Thursday 31 December 2015

MORDER MACHINE Live At HINOEUMA The Malediction Club-(London-UK-1st Feb. 2002) [Video-Rare and Unreleased]

Morder Machine was a side project by the very well known act Atrax Morgue.The mastermind behind those projects was Marco Corbelli,also manager and owner of the famous Italian industrial/noise label Slaughter Productions.
As Marco himslef was describing it "Morder Machine is a slightly different project,let`s say the most rational part of Atrax Morgue: A sort of programmed destruction...".
He released two productions as Morder Machine both back in 1998,Deathshow and Happy Birthdeath.

This video was recorded during his gig in London at Red Rose Venue on the 1st  February 2002 organized by Hagshadow managment for their very "cutting edge club" called Hinoeuma The Malediction.
I must give a very big thanx to  Hagshadow for passing me this unreleased video from their incredible archive and another big thanx to B.A.O. for the conversion from VHS to Digital format of this rare and extraordinary video document.  
Enjoy it.