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Thursday 20 August 2015

ATROPOS-Tetsuo-MYRICAE-Lo Gnomo-[split tape]-(Mein Leben Recs/Tetanus Prods-Italy-c60-1997)

Split tape with those two experimetal music projects from 2  different towns in Italy:Atropos is the personal project of Borys Catelani from Lucca: Owner of Ripping Storm Records and Tetanus and also involved in all those projects:Barbarian (5), Children Of Technology, Disarm (2), Disprezzo, Forgotten Kadath, Giuda, Robanera, Unsung (3).
Myricae is instead the personal noise project by Johnny Acquaro from Turin and also taking part in those bands:Up To Date (3), Youngang
This tape is crafted with noise,ambient,field recordings and spazzed out sonic jingles!!
It came out with a booklet that I cannot find it in my messy collection of random letters,zines,flyers,catalogues,mail art and more  papers.
You love it or you hate it.
Underground sounds of trembling "hard to find" artists. 
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A1 Iononesiste
A2 Larva
A3 Ossido Di Carne
A4 Fredda Carne
A5 Contromateria
A6 I Non Confini Della Dissoluzione

B Untitled

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