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Friday 13 June 2014

v.a.-NEW HIPPIES -vol 12-(Red Neon Tapes-1995-c60-Belgium)

Number 12 of the famous serie  New Hippies compilations,I did post already quite few volumes of those compilations.Red neon Tapes was an  experimental tape label created by Patrick Parent. It produced about 50 cassettes, some of which include "New Hippies" compilation series as well as material by the likes of Mlehst, Telepherique and M. Nomized.
Enjoy it.

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this is the tracklist:

A1 Cupboard Nervousness 3:49
A2 Amrol The Never Ending Show 4:05
A3 Welcome (9) Schocked ! 4:14
A4 Telepherique Beruhigung 4:15
A5 Westland Hidden In Argentine 2:12
A6 Jaws Of The Flying Carpets Banished People 4:16
A7 Bruce Atchison Coarse 4:42
B1 La Fresto Hassium 1984 1:35
B2 Corona Spinea The Waves Of The Sea 4:52
B3 M.NOMIZED Source 8:52
B4 Kora (3) Sibuce 0:59
B5 Stone Body Noisey Mixes 6:55
B6 Ercole Attonito Pestilentia 7:27

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