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Thursday 9 November 2023

v.a.- Unknown Hardcore Drunkers Vol. 2 -(MCR Company-Japan-1991)

 Legendary double 7 inch compilation with fantastic Japanese bands.It comes with a booklet,each band has a page,therefore we find here also graphix,lyrics and addresses.1500 copies were pressed back in 1991,I guess it is hard to find nowadays. Enjoy it.

:f(a*r^a{w_a/y¬  click me

A1    Noise Distraction–    Edge
A2    The Semetary–    どあほ
A3    C.O.S.A.–    Acceleration
B1    Over Dose–    Mother And Child
B2    Bad Taste (5)–    P.M.A.
B3    Heidegger (3)–    悟一
C1    Stress (28)–    Make Poison
C2    Hellchild–    The Blank Time
D1    白痴–    Find One's Way
D2    Beyond Description–    The Abyss Of Despair
D3    Ouch (3)–    Hit


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