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Friday 15 April 2022

v.a - Direct Action Solidarity - (Slaughtered Records-UK-2003)


Long international Cd-r sampler compiled by the people of Active Slaughter released as benefit for prisoner support. Many great bands playing Crust, HC punk, Grind and similar fast `n`agry music. It came out with a folded cover-sleeve and a leaflet about the benefit.

Enjoy it.

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1KansalaistottelemattomuusFuck The System
2ValsElection Day
3Crashed Out (3)Global Resistance To Global Capitalism
4Transgenico Chaos PunxFratelli D'Itali
5The Inciters (3)Police State
6Active SlaughterPride & Prejudice
8Indicator (5)Critical Resistance
9Neuroottiset PelimannitNazi Polizai
10Unidos Pelo ÓdioForças Armadas
11Fight Back (2)The System Song
12Public Execution (2)Tony Blair
13Anarchy SpankyMummy's Little Soldier Boy
14Resist And ExistNeeds
15Svart AggressionSlav
16Gritos De AlertaHistorias Dos Nossos Dia
17RadikalkurFrontier Des Hasses
18T.B.A.C.CS Spray Murdering Scum
19East FieldPepper
20Cop Car Pile UpNo Newspaper Worth Buying
21Rabies BabiesSwollen Veins
22Kauniit PoliisitKeesi Paasa
24System ShitBrutality Squad
25Bug CentralBurning Bush
26SekasortoVihaan Poliiseja
27NailbiterSpitting Against The Wind
28Kismet HardcoreViolence 2
29RashitSark Cephes
30Disruptive Element (2)Uniforms
32Dog Shit SandwichTony Blair Fucking Dickhead
33Intensive Care (2)J18


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