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Sunday 16 January 2022

REVEREND QUEEN DADDY - Digital Theology - (Order of the Binary Singularity Records-USA-2021)

Hailing from Pelham, Alabama RQD have made it their mission to bring raw punk to this small town.
Digital Theology is their debut album and the songs featured on this E.P. are short bursts of distorted furious anger. Seemingly, held together with nothing more than feedback.

The guitars and bass are fuzzed out and distorted as hell, the drums are on top of the beat like the whole thing could fall apart at any moment, and the vocals are quick desperate shouts in pure frustration.
This is:
Not rugged indie rock masquerading as punk.
Not Fitbit-friendly neo-crust.
Not flavor-of-the-month blackened råwpunk.
And not d-beaten death metal matched with
a shiny new pair of Nikes.

This is:
The most raging, off-the-chain, raw noise, d-beat punk
“to fight the nightmarish reality of inept politicians,
land stolen from indigenous peoples, gender struggles,
genetic manipulations, and impending nuclear war that we all live in.”
A sick record that’s guaranteed to bring an immense
dose of chaos, destruction, and ear-bleeding tinnitus
to your miserable lives.
Feel free to pop a couple of analgesics before you listen

 Media Inquiries: john@revqueendaddy.com
FaceBook: facebook.com/revqueendaddy

Email : john@revqueendaddy.com
Tags : punk, raw punk, d-beat
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