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Saturday 25 July 2020

THE BRAIN OF MORBIUS-Ronnie Corbett`s Dead-(Bastard Haircut Records-UK-1990)

Legendary 12 ep by the weirdest band ever...genial and uncompromising Brain Of Morbius is not a band to describe easily!
 Absolutely mental as a live act! Lots of screaming, bleeding, crazy surreal keyboards and a seriously insane attitude to music are just a few of the ingredients that you can find in Brain Of Morbius songs! 
Back in 2014, I have posted their cd Pissing ON The Disco Lights released in 2000 and it is not yet listed on Discogs. Check it out if you like weird experiments and crazy vocals + more insane passages.
Gonna attach 3 videos from Youtube and I left this vinyl rip as waves.
Enjoy it. 
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A Ronnie Corbett's Dead
B1 The Return Of Beefhoofen
B2 Your Arse My Face


Recorded at Escapade Studios, Greenwich, 26th May 1990.

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