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Sunday 7 July 2019

v.a-Northern California Is A Noisey Place Indeed-(Sound Of Pig-c60-USA-1987)

Great compilation with a bunch of good artists playing some strange forms of experimental electronics and early industrial music.
Sound Of Pig was an American Industrial/Experimental/Electronic/Noise tape label run by Al Margolis in New York. Now defunct.
SOP Cassette Mail Order Catalogue featured hundreds of titles.
From the early 1980s through the '90s, Al Margolis earned the title "Cassette Godfather" with his Sound of Pig cassette label by releasing tapes and distributing them through growing DIY music underground.
Many of the tapes are still available via Pogus Production website.
Enjoy it.


  1. Oh neat. I never knew this existed. I was a big fan of Santa Cruz's Box o Laffs, and a friend to a few of the members. I believe this is a later-period studio recording (Dogbook was almost entirely "live"), when David Lowry was out of the band and CVB was taking off. Drummer on this is Vivek Bald who's now getting some notoriety as a film maker and author. Thanks for sharing this. Your blog looks very interesting.