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Wednesday 11 July 2018

v.a.-Ears To The Grindstone-(K.O.City Studio-USA-1987)

This is one of the first of the Grindstone series of which I have already posted a couple.
It was released by the amazing K.O City Studio a small label set up by Andrew Szava-Kovats to release his own projects. Now defunct. 
Also in this issue a bunch of fantastic artists playing various forms of industrial, synth pop and experimental creative Muzik.
Enjoy it.
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Parade Of Sinners Cover Your Ears
Gelatinous Citizen Big Sound For Happy Cows
Fact-22* Motivation
Dominion (2) They Came In Hordes
The Arms Of Someone New Next Year In Jerusalem
Ferd Gamma Globulin
Nomuzic The Chief Smiles
Mental Anguish Where Demons Dwell
David Prescott The Dreamer
If, Bwana Blatant Non-Attempt

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