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Wednesday 13 June 2018

v.a.-Back To The Grindstone-(K.O. City Studio-USA-1988)

Another astonishing vinyl of the series  Grindstone.  
It was released by the American K.O. City Studio in 1988 and it features a bunch of uncompromising acts playing new wave, industrial, synthpop , electro weirdness and other rather original music genres emerging in the fabulous 80s.
K.O. City Studio was a small label set up by Andrew Szava-Kovats to release his own projects. Now defunct. 
Enjoy it.
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A1 Gelatinous Citizen Lust For Larvae 4:01
A2 Nomuzic Pay The Robots 4:12
A3 Industrious Fleas I'm Walkin' 3:33
A4 Fact 22* Permanent Green 4:03
A5 New Law Nightmare Ballad Of Doug Dangerous 4:34
B1 Dominion (2) Voodoo Visions 4:09
B2 Lewis Francis Permutations 4:02
B3 David Prescott Lefty Improv #2 4:13
B4 Mental Anguish Long Trip Through A Short Hole 4:00
B5 Alien Planetscapes The Pseudo-Intellectual Art-Damage Boogie 4:04


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