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Thursday 15 March 2018

v.a.-BODY FREQUENCIES-(Minus Habens Records-Italy-1995)

Amazing compilation with a great selection of artists playing abstract, noise, industrial, EBM and electronic spazzed out experiments.
 Minus Habens Records is the legendary Italian industrial and dark ambient label founded by Ivan Iusco in 1987 and still alive and kicking, its webpage is here.
Big Thanx to Amok Collective for this rip!
This cd will make happy everyone into electronic industrial music.
Enjoy it.
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1 Nightmare Lodge Tenia 3:34
2 Klänge Heart/Hertz Files (Live) 7:40
3 In Zhe Gaza Megakitsch Une Soirée A La Plage 1:54
4 Smell & Quim Your Enemy's Balls 2:30
5 Esplendor Geometrico* Veritatis Splendor 4:57
6 Origami (3) The Sensation Of... 4:16
7 Dive Power Of Passion 4:26
8 Kapotte Muziek The Body In Decay (Part 1) 5:18
9 Kebabtraume* D.O.C.S. 5:04
10 Recognition Test New Born (Dope Remix) 6:06
11 Implant Code Pulse 01 (Bio-Digital Symbiosis II) 5:31
12 Jouissance Father Of Lies 5:12
13 LOI Interceps Rose's Attack 3:18
14 Full Dynamic Range Trance (Dance) 8:02

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