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Thursday 15 February 2018

v.a.-DRY LUNGS-A Compilation Of Industrial Music From Around The World-(Placebo Records-USA-1985)

Amazing compilation released on vinyl and cassette in 1985 by the American Placebo Records.
It offers us a great selection of tracks and artists from the very new wave of industrial music emerging in the early 80s.
Placebo Records was born in 1979, primarily as a punk label in Phoenix, Arizona with a handful of electronic/noise releases, notably the early parts of the 'Dry Lungs' series. Main early label for Phoenix skate-punkers JFA. Assumed defunct.
Enjoy it.


Controlled Bleeding Scourge Tides 5:48
Etant Donnes* Le Coeur Sert Le Corps 3:09
Neo Zalanda* A Presto 1:14
Esplendor Geometrico* Untitled 2:51
Toll Brute Freeze 2:10
Vivenza Unite Concrete Un Bruit 3:02
HNAS* / Mieses Gegonge Ein Winter Ohne Hautprobleme 4:12
Jarboe Walls Are Bleeding 2:34
Merzbow Vermin With Carcass 3:35
P16D4* - Swimming Behavior Of The Human Infant* No! No! 2:47
Maybe Mental Premystery 3:36
Le Syndicat Full Of Shit 2:13
Sleep Chamber The Beast 666 2:21
John Duncan Hanoi 4:14
P231* / Ankh (2) Untitled 2:25
Dog As Master Disastrous Consequences 2:25
Problemist Crisis 2:2


  1. ...A critical release that exposed a new layer of noise just beneath the surface of the better-known British originators; a signal of the real changes that lay ahead.