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Tuesday 28 November 2017

THE SMALLTOWN GROOVERS-Demo Autoprodotto-(Self Released-Italy-1991)

Another mystery tape here:almost no info on the cover sleeve,I do not know where they come from,neither the line up, how long they were active or when this was released,I guess 1991/92.
A small review(no idea from which magazine was taken from) was included in the cover sleeve,apparently this is their second demo.
Well recorded, probably in a professional studio recording,beside the last song, which is recorded live(no idea where).They offer us 5 well played and arranged tracks of acid dance and pop wave. 
Their music is a bit too cheesy for my personal taste but this tape is so obscure that fits in this blog anyway.
If ever somebody out there will be so curious to listen to them!
Some tracks are kind of very catchy too,if you like the genre...
Enjoy it.
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