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Friday 24 March 2017

CCC CNC NCN-Suicidio Modo D`Uso-(Nautilus-Italy-1989)

This album was inspired by the book by Yves Le Bonniec and Claude Guillon called Suicide Method of Use released in 1982 in France and translated + published by Nautilus in 1989 in Italy with the name Suicidio Modo D`uso.It was at some point confiscated by the police from all the bookshops.It was somehow too radical for some closed-mind people.
In this vinyl-masterpiece anarchist/dadaist collective CCC CNC NCN presents some amazing old school industrial music with radical lyrics about :prisons,death,life and freedom.It came out with a cool 12 page b/w booklet reporting lyrics and ideas about the subject,unfortunately only in italian language.For who is not familiar with this project here a note from a discogs page:Anonymous noise/performance collective from Torino, Italy. Spawning from the anarchic/antagonist underground scene, CCC CNC NCN combine an extreme old school industrial sound with conceptual records and live shows about unpopular topics, such as suicide as extreme choice of freedom, mass control and oppression.Their myspace page is here.
I already wrote about this antagonist label from Torino.They promote a do-it-yourself attitude and release books, pamphlets, documents and records. There's no copyright on any of their productions.Their actual webpage is here. 
Enjoy it.
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  1. fantastic! love your site, always interesting.

  2. Legendary release. More like this, please!
    Thank You