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Saturday 11 July 2015

v.a.-NOISENET -Vol.1- (Noise-2 x c60-Taiwan-1995)

Amazing  compilation tape released by Noize label in Taiwan in 1995 as a double cassette C60 and a nice booklet,all coming in special folder made of silver hardpaper. Lots of bands took part in this project: Hex Minora, Bastard Noise, Synapscape, Cock ESP ,Herb Mullin, Stigma and many more. This compilation covers the sound area of abstract -ambient ,noise, and experimental electronic music of the mid 90s.
It is a very fine production coming with a booklet filled with graphix/pictures and info about the bands involved .
 I have no idea how many copies were printed by this label.
 It does not seem to be an easy production to find now.
Enjoy it.

Side One
A1 Poo Poo Bomb Bel-Phegor [Live At Fuzzyland] 3:40
A2 Taint Stuff Her Full Of Razorblades 4:07
A3 Thirdorgan Yagamania Part 5 6:31
A4 Hex Minora Remorseless 4:27
A5 Herb Mullin Weak & Wild 5:54
A6 Hassni Let Me Be Your Colon 5:48

Side Two
B1 Futile Existence Disclosure Of Torment 0:18
B2 Futile Existence Ad Libitum 1:22
B3 Futile Existence Religious Chastity 0:38
B4 Synapscape Get Smiled 3:32
B5 Bastard Noise Terror In The Sky 4:16
B6 Bastard Noise K-9 Cosmonaut 1:18
B7 Cock E.S.P. Danny's Ass 3:59
B8 I.666 [Japanese Text] 4:06
B9 Bizarre Uproar Untitled 4:14
B10 Estro Assente Sonic Disorder 5:57

Side Three
C1 Cathedra Servulus 6:25
C2 Noit* Guezarnimen 2 5:36
C3 Cathedra Lex Mon Scripta 4:27
C4 E.C.I. Machinery The Carrie Fisher Song 4:11
C5 dROME Innoculate 8:16

Side Four
D1 Hypersexual Nymphomaniacs, The* By Opening The Petals You Have The Explosion 5:38
D2 XCR The Fight 3:49
D3 Hypersexual Nymphomaniacs, The* Joyful Promise To The Beast 666 3:53
D4 Heat Entelekia 5:12
D5 X4U Simulation 1 4:20
D6 Stigma Long-Term Effect 2:22

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